Meet the Owner - Matt Holmes

Meet the Owner Matt Holmes - Background

Matt has always been driven by his passion for everything mechanical and products. Starting at a young age and the detriment of his fathers tools he began tinkering with everything a young man could, from motorbikes and RC Cars to Painting and drawing. This took him on his path to where he his college degree at Savannah College Art and Design ( He Majored in Industrial design and minor in Marine Design where he got a chance to help JCB reshape their future and work with a team of students that not only changed the shape of their back hoe, but even changed their Logo. This was after presenting the teams ideas on stage at JCB's Savannah headquarters to an audience including the companies CEO and head management group.

From there he moved back home to work on his craft working on sailboats and metal fabrication for a local company, honing the composite skills learned in school and furthering his experience in metal work.

After that he went to work for Technology Assessment and Transfer (TA&T) for 5 years, where he continued to work on his 3D printing foundation from SCAD. Here he help develop new machine technologies as TA&T worked to pioneer the field of Additive manufacturing (3d printing) ceramic materials. Working on ceramic formulations for casting turbine blades, medically safe ceramics for surgical instruments and even working on Mars rover parts. This is where he first worked with 3D scanning and scaling a technology and qualifying a production process.

Then Matt spent 8 years at Products Support Inc./ Vitesse Systems inc. working in Aerospace manufacturing and engineering. He engineered mission critical aerial refueling systems and ground support equipment. This equipment was in support of multiple aircraft platforms Including the F35, F22, F16, F15 and even the A10 Wharthog, amongst other platforms. While working as engineer Matt also contributed to the ARSAG group contributing to writing legacy documentation for MA-2 coupling. During this time he also became the lead auditor for the companies ISO 9001 quality system. After engineering he worked in program management honing his analytical and manufacturing skills. Matt took on a program that was systemically 3 months late on deliveries and within a year the program has maintained deliveries that are 3 weeks ahead of schedule.

In this time he also worked on the companies NIST certification and implementing the ERP system upgrade. Developing new queries and learning SQL to help ensure old and new tools functioned for the business.

Most recently Matt was Operations Manager at Impact Automation helping them work to developing a quality system, defining operations an engineering process and getting Jobs out the door on time.  

During all this Matt Has retained his original passion operating a side hustle 4308 Designs, doing signage, building furniture, brewery build out's and working on his various cars and motorcycles.

Now he embarks on his latest venture for himself starting Functionl founded on his background of creative problem solving, passion for mechanics, industry knowledge and quality.

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